The small but dynamic team of the youth league has done it again during the annual Holi Mela which was held on March 11, 2012 at the Arya Samaj grounds, 3rd Parklands.

The event was graced by over 500 people of all ages and walks of life, who came to enjoy the joyous tradition relived again. There was lots of color splashing,running around and people mingled without hesitation to play colors with anyone and everyone.

For those who were not up to the color and water splashing, there was a "DryArea" sectioned for them  and most of them eventually came off the "Dry Area" to enjoy the moments of fun. There were Food stalls, Mehendi Stalls, Clothes stalls, Drinks stalls, Go carting, Horse Riding, Baraf gola stalls, Candy Floss Bouncing castles, water slides and colors.

This event was organised by the Youth league who are collecting funds fortheir borehole project at the  Ngiini school in Mitamboni off Machackos town.