Hindi and Religious classes

Hindi Classes

Informal Hindi classes were then started twice every week, at two centres at the school in Parklands and Ainsworth street due to the initiative taken by Stri Gyan Chandra Shastri. The number of students in Ainsworth rose upto 140 and five persons undertook the teaching work. Swami Akhilanand  remarked that the women, who attended these classes, were not members of Arya Samaj, when he saw these classes in 1966

He suggested that they should be requested to join Arya Samaj. Shri Shatri taught Ved-Path (Recitation of Vedic Hymns) along with Hindi in these classes.  He also formed a “Balsabha”. 

Hindi and Religious classes were intiated in South ‘C’ temple during the chairmanship of Shri M.K. Bhalla. Smt. Geeta Bhalla,   taught Hindi classes and provided religious education on Sundays.

Children were taught to sing bhajans and Arti at the Satsang. During the chairmanship of Shri Swaran Bhushan Varma, a lot of stress was given on the reading, speaking and writing of Hindi by children of the Arya Pariwar.

In Nairobi, the Arya Samaj supports the dissemination of knowledge and the eradication of illiteracy among all races. Beneficiaries of these services include people of all origins irrespective of their nationality, race of creed. The needy and Brilliant students in these schools awarded bursaries.

The above-mentioned educational institutions run by the Arya Samaj Nairobi are working under the direction of ‘Arya Samaj Education Board’, which is a sub committee of Arya Samaj Nairobi. The Arya Samaj Education Board consists of 14 members, including its chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Managers.

The Arya Samaj Education Board plays a significant role in the wider Nairobi Society. It was formed in 1914. Its aim was to  administer and promote the Arya Educational facilities in Nairobi. According to the Arya Samaj constitution, the Board consists of seven members – four elected during the annual general meetings and the Antrang Sabha of Arya Samaj nominates three members. The Board also appoints respective managers for each of the schools to guide on the day-to-day matters.

In the last about 25 years the following persons have a significant role in upgrading the standard of education in Arya Samaj schools. They have occupied important positions in the Arya Samaj Nairobi and education board and have made tremendous efforts to see that

Our schools move towards the pinnacle of glory by providing facilities for all-around development of the pupils’ personality while retaining the essence of Vedic culture – Shri  Sudarshan Beri, Shri Pran Sagar Sood, Shri Swaran Bhushan Varma, Dr. Rajinder K. Saini, Shri Anil Kapila.