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Aayushkaam Yajna 18-11-2012

On Sunday, Aayushkaam yajna was held at Maharishi  Dayanand Bhavan with 25 Havan Kunds.

The programme commenced at 11 a.m sharp with recitation of Om Sankeertan by Acharya Yesh Pal Angira ji and Shastri Mwangi Arya ji. All Yajmaans were seated at their respective booked Havan Kunds. After Om Jaap, Hon. Secretary Rajneesh Kapila welcomed all and called upon Religious Committee convenor  B. S. Dhanda ji to address the congregation. Mr. Dhanda explained the purpose of this particular Yajna,  Aayushkaam. The first part of Yajna was to express our gratitude to Almighty God for giving us this life and motivation to sit for such life giving Yajnas. Secondly, to pray to God to give us strength to pass the balance of our life peacefully . Thirdly, special mantras were selected from all  4 Vedas to pray for our health and peace and also long life.


Before commencing Yajna,  Acharya ji emphasized that  Havan/Yajna  performed collectively eradicates all negativity from the environment and such prayers recited together  in a satsang are responded  by God. Arya Samaj therefore organizes such  Yajnas  from time to time. He also explained why reading and listening of Ved Mantras are important and how their recitation can enlighten your lives. It took almost an hour for the whole yajna to completion.  Acharya ji blessed everybody by sprinkling charged water and recited  aashirwad mantras, later Prasad was distributed.


The rest of the programme was adorned by melodious bhajans by Acharya ji, followed by  Aarti, Shanti Geet and  Shanti  path. Prayer for food was also recited. Hon. Secretary made announcements, thanked everybody and invited all for sumptuous  Rishi langar.

Report on Gayatri Mahayajna and Foundation Day 27th April, 2014

Arya Samaj Nairobi commemorated Foundation day of Arya Samaj movement on 27th April 2014 at MD Bhavan and held Gayatri Mahayajna with 24 havan kunds. The Founder of Arya Samaj movement Swami Dayanand ji, established Arya Samaj on 10th April 1875 in Bombay with an aim to promote Ved Prachar. This programme was organized to pay tribute and homage to his great soul and his achievements.

First of all, Hon. Secretary Dr. Y. P. Bansal welcomed all and Gayatri mahayajna commenced at the scheduled time which was performed by Acharya Angira ji and Shastri Mwangi Arya. They recited Gayatri Mantras 108 times and devotees offered Ahutis whole heartedly and devotedly. After the completion of Gayatri Yajna, Acharya ji explained the meaning of Gayatri Mantra and the significance of this Mool mantra of Vedas.

Second part of the programme was to pay homage to Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji. Convenor Religious committee Shree B.S. Dhanda ji, introduced all the artists on the stage, Kirit Pattni on flute and Capt. Channa on tabla. The whole team mesmerised the audience while Acharya Yash Pal ji narrated clips of Swami ji,s life and subsequently presented relevant and melodious bhajans which were joyfully enjoyed by the audience.

The programme ended at 1.20 p.m.

Chairman Arya Samaj Nairobi Dr. Bowry presented a certificate to Prof. Uppal which was given to him by his university for being ranked excellent lecturer for ten consecutive years. Prof. Uppal also presented some books from New Delhi and Surinam. In the end, Dr Bansal proposed vote of thanks to the Religious Committee, Youth Committee for assisting and the staff of Arya Samaj and announced the completion of programme with Aarti and Shanti path.

In the end, Rishi Langar was enjoyed by all.