Subdivisions of Arya Samaj Nairobi

1.     Arya Samaj South ‘C’: Arya Samaj South ‘C’ is a branch of Arya Samaj Nairobi. It is located in South ‘C’. The building of the Samaj had become ready by 12th March 1969. Before the completion of Maharishi Dayanand Hall in third Parkland, South ‘C’ Arya Samaj had been the centre of all activities of Arya Samaj Nairobi. Even today, The Arya Samaj South ‘C’ organizes all religious and social activities.

Arya Stri Samaj: Arya Stri Samaj was formed on 17th February, 1918 in Arya Samaj Bhavan (now Vedic House). Smt. Mathura Devi was the first chairperson and Smt. Chanan  Devi was the first secretary of the Arya Stri Samaj Nairobi. All the Vedic festivals like Dipawali, Vijaya Dashmi, Sitashtami and others are celebrated  passionately by the Arya Stri Samaj.,.

Arya Veerangana dal: Arya Veerangana Dal has also been a part of Arya Stri Samaj. It was set up in order to create good Sanskaras (virtues) among the girls. It was formed in 1947.

Vagvardhani Sabha (Aryan Young Women’s Association): Vagvardhani Sabha was formed by Pt. Satya Deva Vedalankare and Pt. Arya Muni Varma ( Ex-Principal Arya Girls School) in 1946. Unfortunately, this organization only lasted approximately for three years. Smt. Sarla Bedi again re-established the Vagvardhani Sabha upon the urging of Smt. Shanti Devi  Sharma. The aim of establishing the Sabha was to make the Arya young women capable of delivering lectures on different topics.

Arya Veer Dal: Arya Veer Dal was formed by Arya Samaj Nairobi. Its aim was to make the youth follow the principles of Arya Samaj.

6.     Arya Krida Sangh (Aryan Club): Aryan club was formed in 1942. Shri Lahori Ram had put in hard work for its formation besides giving financial help. It objective was to create interest among the youth for physical exercises and sports. But, due to lack of funds it became inoperative. In 1955 once again Pandit Brahma Dev Bhardwaj, Sahadev Malhotra and Dharam Prakash Ahluwalia activated it under the banner of Arya Veer Dal, Which in 1957 was known as Aryan Club.

Aryan Youth: The Aryan Youth was formed in 1980. Its objective is to provide for overall development of our youngsters in all fields- religious, educational and social. Aryan youth organizes its own programs Viz.Picnics, sportsday, eye donation, blood donation camps etc.

Arya Bal Sabha: It was first started in 1983 during the chairmanship of Shri M.K.Bhalla at South C where Hindi was taught and religious education was provided by Smt. Geeta Bhalla. At present Bal Sabha was established on 7th March 1998. In the beginning, three honorary teachers, named Smt. Sushila Sachadeva, Smt. Subodh Sharma and Smt. Raj Taneja would teach them. Later on, Smt. Urmila Bedi also offered her services for this work